About GENNext

GENNext Diagnostics Centre is a unit of GENNext Diagnostics & Research Pvt. Ltd. located at a prime location in the heart of Jammu city. This One-Stop-Diagnostic centre caters to the complete range of diagnostic services comprising Radiology, Imaging, Pathology, Corporate healthcare and Preventive Healthcare. At GENNext Diagnostics, we are guided by our vision and mission of offering latest high-end reliable and accurate diagnostic services to our clients and patients at competitive prices in a customer centric manner. Our primary goal is to go above and beyond the expectations of our clients and patients, which is accomplished through our availability, promptness and reliability to those we serve. We seek to build and maintain lasting relationships with our clients and patients with the reputation of offering the high-quality, courteous and responsive service to our customers. With its aesthetically designed and ergonomic interiors, GENNext Diagnostics believes that people today value and cherish good ambience and personalized service at health care facilities as in their own homes.

The centre is equipped with the latest state-of-the-art technology with best-in-class service supported by latest technology, experienced team of consultants having an ethical and holistic approach towards medical diagnosis. Since around 80% of clinical decisions require diagnostics support, we assure professional, accurate and timely diagnostic reports by using influx of cutting edge technologies, robust infrastructure and employing the sharpest minds in the field of diagnostics.

Our flagship introduction is Jammu’s FIRST 3 Tesla Silent MRI which has High definition, ultra high resolution image quality as compared to 1.5 Tesla MRI. The unit offers QUITE examinations with up to 97% reduction in sound and patient friendly free-breathing examination with up to 55% higher speed. It has wide range of applications in advanced neuro-imaging including functional MRI, tractography and perfusion studies. With its metal implant artifact reduction technology, most patients with metal implants can also been examined. As an alternative to PET scan, our 3 Tesla MRI offers Whole body MRI for tumor staging and follow up without any radiation exposure.

Apart from radiology and imaging which involves a myriad of investigations, we have a list of other tests conducted at our centre that include cardiology, neurophysiology and laboratory work-ups. We are the only diagnostic centre in Jammu city offering Interventional radiology for diagnostic as well as therapeutic uses. Guided interventional radiological procedures are carried out with quick pathological correlation after consulting with the referring Consultant thus saving precious time of patient and also saving them of avoidable visits.

Another USP of our centre is Digital Radiography (DR X-Ray System). Conventional CR systems are almost a three decade old technology. Digital radiography is the future of imaging technology. Our state-of-art DR takes the lead in digitizing with the advantage of better throughput and superior image quality with wider latitude. There is also lower radiation dosage to the patients as well as operator.