Clinical Research

Indian clinical research industry has very strong fundamentals including a genetically diverse patient pool, a vast population in need of medical treatment, qualified medical professionals, clinicians and data specialists, and good regulatory policies. Though the industry has taken some time to regroup after introduction of new regulatory practices, it is all set for growth now. Inherent advantages such as low costs, access to a vast patient population and a large base of qualified personnel has made India an attractive destination for clinical research outsourcing (CRO). The year 2016 has been quite an exciting one for the Indian pharmaceutical industry. The market clocked an impressive compounded annual growth rate of 17.46% over the period 2005-2016. By 2020, the Indian pharmaceutical market is expected to be among the global top three by incremental growth and is expected to be the sixth largest market in the world in terms of absolute size. India is expected to be among the top 25 nations in the Global Innovation Index within the next 10 years.

GENNext Diagnostics has built best practices in laboratory medicine and has clinical trial capabilities supporting doctoral & post-doctoral research studies, contract research organizations and/or Pharma companies. We have built capabilities to support CRO’s undertaking stage 3 clinical trials, including supporting them on the data management and software systems to facilitate reporting compliance to CRO requirements. We have continuing interests in the Clinical research space and are keen to support CRO’s looking for reliable investigative outcomes in their trial along with systems capability to provide electronic data management in flexible formats.

At GENNext Diagnostics, we adhere to ICH GCP standards, thus making our laboratory a destination for testing required by clinical trials and projects. If your project requires blood investigation for a specific test, we can assist you to plan and execute the research process. GENNext Diagnostics is committed to providing accurate and timely laboratory testing services for the research community. We recognize that each clinical trial is unique and strive to customise services for each trial.

Researchers must obtain appropriate institutional approval and have proposals approved by the appropriate scientific and ethics review committee prior to starting each study involving clinical data obtained through GENNext Diagnostics. For further information please contact at +91 9906091412 or e-mail at